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Cloud & ICT Services - SMC - Net, Bridging the gap.

Converging technologies that exemplify ICT include the merging of audiovisual, telephone and computer networks through a common cabling system. Internet service providers (ISPs) commonly provide internet, phone and television services to homes and businesses through a single optical cable. The elimination of the telephone networks has provided huge economic incentives to implement this convergence, which eliminates many of the costs associated with cabling, signal distribution, user installation, servicing and maintenance costs.

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Line of services

  • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS
  • Data and Cloud application Migration
  • Web & Mobile Apps Development
  • Databases & System Integrations
  • IT Service Management
  • Business process automation
  • Digital transformations
  • IT Managed Service
  • Data analytics & dashboards
  • (Big data or RDBMS)
  • ICT Solution Architecture
  • Solution analysis and design
  • Cloud based Solutions delivery
  • Audit & Security
  • Technical advise and coaching
  • Digital communications
  • Security, Cyber, Drones, IP Camera, Motion detectors

Offers and Value added services

Our Core Services Offering

We offer the below services & Technical expertise across these domains.


Implementations for Operation Support Systems and Business Support Systems, expertise in telecommunication GSM Project management & Delivery, Good Practices ITIL, TMF - ETOM, TAM, SID. Data analytics and real time monitoring.


Web Applications development. Best engineering in online databases, web sites, mobile apps crafting, Software engineering, Database administrations, Web site performance and Organic Search engine Optimisation.


Environments, Web sites, Applications, data and files hosted on the cloud give you more flexibility and access from everywhere. Any information online should be an asset for your organisation, because of the ease and quick access; We can host anything.

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SMC Cloud Products and Solutions Line

Taylorise your software need to your company business plan, start  your business immediately with the required tool set.

We can get your business onto the automation path in a matter of minutes, just tell us what your needs are.

We also have the below Solutions, with a list of features set out of the box, to help you start your business automation immediately. 

All prices below are set on the basis of 10 minimum users, price changes will apply for more than 10 users per module.



IT Service Management, based on ITIL. Manage all the requirements & IT Tickets, escalations, SLA ‘s with agents and roles from one single system. Your Help desk and also tasks that are related can now be all organised properly with this full stack Z-ITSM module

TASK Management


Users Tasks Management, Create and Assign various tasks types to your users, Get the work done, Notify and get day to day activities visibility across the board. Link your tasks to your daily, weekly and monthly time sheets.
PROJECTS Management


Automate your delivery across all your projects, Projects details and activities tracking, built in delivery framework, waterfall  and agile for SDLC. Share project progress with your customers. Centralize all artifact in the project share repository.


Sales, and CRM, Optimized sales processes, overview of your Sales Pipeline and Lead, Customers account management, invoicing schedule, notify stakeholders. Revenue forecasting, reporting and analytics.



Enterprise Financial Planning, Project Financials, investments and budgeting across various projects,   Track Financial Milestones and payments. Monitor all your expenses, Financial Dashboard and reports.



Human Resource management is one of the most important functions in your organisation,  Resource asset management, activities and time sheet management, Resource planning, utilisation, and Forecast.

What’s New?

All in one (One system for all your need), pre-integrated, modular system to enable Transparency, Traceability, Working in Collaboration, Dev - OPS and cover the essential delivery frameworks: waterfall and agile methodology Deploy as a cloud Application, 3 Editions are available (ZNIX 360, ZNIX Enterprise, ZNIX Standard).


  • ITSM
  • HR
  • More & More...


Price set is for:  10 Users Minimum.

Industries: Telecommunication, Finance, Energy, Pay TV, IT, Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, General enterprises.

Some Modules and capabilities, Some screen shots here below…

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Effective. Understanding.

Our Team of engineers, developers, DBA’s, analysts , scrum masters, testers etc… are available to transform your idea into a product, just tell us your wishes.

Soft MCI have a vast knowledge and human resources skills in various technology and programming languages, covering (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, ASP.Net,Oracle, Java, Apex, JDevelopper, Xamarin,etc…)

Databases and analytics (MySql, SQL-Server, Oracle, Mongo Db, Big Data, hadoop, Cassandra, Google analytics, QlickView, QlickSense, KlipFolio, more and more)

RAD,AI, Machine Learning, MVC framework, Object Programming, etc…


WordPress, WIX, Magento, jQuery, GitHub, PhoneGap,Apache Coordova, Joomla, etc…

from people you like

Cooperative. Detail Oriented.

We handle End 2 End project delivery in Waterfall or Agile SDLC. Our success through details oriented approach has been proven by our customers satisfactions.

Business transformation and collaborative working approach, with transparency as a key in the already complicated ICT landscape, has been simplify through convergent IT, with enhanced Pre-integrated tools “ZNIX”.

Cloud based ERP, Project management and delivery tool develop and own by Soft – MCI.

ZNIX is a full end to End Enterprise Delivery tool set, hosted on the cloud and multi tenants web based and mobile responsive application to manage full company ERP and Main functions, through the software intuitive interfaces. It also provide interactive reports and dashboard . 



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Reviews & Testimonies

We love SMC and the tools they provide to our customers, so far so good, not one single issues in our automated processes, really good automation process. Our Sales team is now inform in real time, our executive team is also aware of the on going successfull deals, the pre-sale team can now focus on their tasks and support the sales team pro actively, Our resources can also work from anywhere because of the efficient time sheet system provided. Thanks to SMC. for the good work.
John Bamboza
Client Executive
All our services are more than stable,since we migrated all our BSS stack to the cloud. Using SMC ZNIX tool to manage our day to day activities, make our life easier than ever. 3 month ago we think this will never be possible, but now it is possible and real, I can see my peers are happy every morning to start their routines, with the help of the Innovative and automated business process tools, that we have now; we are able to make it in our organization .
Jerry F.
Sales Executive
Transparency became key element in our business, and our customers are becoming very difficult from project management and delivery perspective, our CEO and CTO are getting frustrated in daily basis, until we hired SMC Services for architecture and IT Service Management, we now have the correct processes in place, and we also benefit from expert advise and training during every project.
we now have clear visibility across our delivery process.
Project Manager

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